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The Summit is a collaboration between the Fountain of Peace Project and the National Trust for Land and Culture.  It is being organized, on their behalf, by Change Canada Consultants Ltd.


551031_460720183954569_1752492230_nThe Fountain of Peace Project

Established in 2009, the Fountain of Peace Project traveled across Canada, visiting schools in every region of the country to engage students in creating messages of peace and articulating the kind of peaceful world they want to live in.  Over and over again, the children raised images and connections with nature as the core of their vision, and it is this foundation that has provided the inspiration for the World Children’s Summit on Peace and Nature.  


NTLC Logo - Jan 17The National Trust for Land and Culture

The National Trust is a world-wide movement of conservation organizations working to protect special places of natural and cultural heritage within their countries/regions.  The National Trust for Land and Culture is in the process of establishing a network of provincially based Trusts to engage Canadians in the protection and ongoing care of special places across our country.  This work begins with growing and strengthening people`s connections with nature and with our communities.  There is no better place to start than with our children.

For more information please visit the National Trust for Land & Culture or the National Trust for Land & Culture (BC)


Change Canada Logo 3Change Canada Consultants

Change Canada Consultants is a group of innovative and forward-looking professionals working to help generate progressive and positive change for conservation, community and social infrastructure in Canada.  The principals involved with Change Canada were instrumental in the organization and delivery of the very successful International Conference of National Trusts, held in 2011, and all have deep backgrounds in project development and public engagement.  For more information, please click here.


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