Oct: ‘Respect’ Month @ WCS

Over 4 days in May ’15  four (4) universal Values will be introduced & weaved into the daily activities at the World Children’s Summit on Peace & Nature

They are:

Respect, Friendship, Courage and Gratitude

The World Children’s Summit has a program of value-based activities that you and your children can participate in.  Simply download the pdf below.  These monthly activity suggestions focus on the values of:  Respect, Gratitude, Giving, Believing, Love, Kindness, Acceptance, Empathy and Patience.   If you are inspired you can contribute your classrooms creative ideas as entries to the World Children’s Summit!  Each month a selection of the entries will be shown on our website.  Selected entries will be displayed at the University of Victoria during the Children’s Nature Summit on Peace and Nature in Victoria in May, 2015 for all to connect and admire.  We are excited to have this Peace and Nature program available internationally for all the ‘children of the world’ to participate.  Our gratitude to *Culture of Values for sponsoring our values program.

October’s Value is:



What is your definition of respect?

Simple way to submit your entries:

You can submit your children’s entries old school, by mail, through email or by posting it to our face-book page!

By mail:  World Children’s Summit, 1618 Clawthorpe Avenue, Victoria, B.C. V8T 2R8

*By email:  renee@worldchildrenssummit.com

*On face-book:  www.facebook.com/childrenssummit

*Scan your entries first and attach as a file on email or take a picture of your entries and post on facebook!


Inquires please contact:  renee@worldchildrenssummit.com 

PDF – Download:  World Childrens Summit – Value Activity Calendar – 14-15 51014

All entries will become the property of the World Children’s Summit and in receiving these entries will be authorized to display them and share them through social media and on-site.  We cannot be responsible for returning any entries.


*Culture of Values proud sponsor of The World Children’s Summit on Peace and Nature values program


Renee Lindstrom is a *Thought Catalyst, Vice-Chair of World Children’s Summit on Peace & Nature in 2015 and creator of Kids Peace Bus Calendar of Values
*Thought Catalyst – Describes a person who creates an environment or atmosphere where the mind can be challenged and where change can occur. A type of change agent who presents ideas in effort to challenge the way a person thinks.

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