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Robert Bateman 2 BFB (2)ROBERT BATEMAN

Robert Bateman has been a keen artist and naturalist from his early days, and has always painted wildlife and nature.  Over time, Bateman’s work began to receive critical acclaim and to attract an enormous following.  His work is in many public and private collections, and several art museums, and he has become one of the world’s foremost artists depicting the world of nature.

Bateman’s art reflects his commitment to ecology and preservation. Since the early 1960’s, he has been an active member of naturalist and conservation organizations, now on a global scale. He has become a spokesman for many environmental and preservation issues and has used his artwork and limited edition prints in fund-raising efforts that have provided millions of dollars for these worthy causes.

He says, “I can’t conceive of anything being more varied and rich and handsome than the planet earth. And its crowning beauty is the natural world. I want to soak it up, to understand it as well as I can, and to absorb it . . . and then I’d like to put it together and express it in my painting. This is the way I want to dedicate my life.”                           


Milton (2) lukeLUKE & MILTON ORRIS

 (Grandson & Grandfather)

Luke is 11 years old and in grade six. He has traveled to over 32 countries around the world in Central and South America, Africa, Asia, the South Pacific and Europe, and met many young people and their families. Many of these countries were part of the program for the Semester at Sea, a 3 and ½ month trip with over 50 University students as his shipmates, along with his brother Ryan and his mom and dad. Grandpa Milton was his cabin mate of both trips.

He has also studied Spanish in three Spanish-speaking countries.  Everywhere he has gone and interacted with others his age he has been deeply affected about how different  many parts of the world are, and how devastating conflicts and war can be in harming innocent people. He has  written a letter to President Obama about this asking that the United States take action to help with this suffering.

He lives up in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado, loves reading, tennis and playing Mindcraft.

Milton is a former professor and Dean of Continuing Education, as well as a consultant in several fields including children’s mental health, development of educational programs, leadership and organizational development and long-term care for seniors. He has worked in over 18 countries for the Canadian International Development Agency and the World Bank, and has visited over 40 countries. He has also taught on the Semester at Sea voyages.  He grew up in Grand Forks, British Columbia, then lived for many yeas in Saskatchewan and Toronto, Ontario and recently returned to live in the Okanagan.


DSC_0938_1 (2)


Dr. Saul Arbess

Saul Arbess is an anthropologist and futurist dedicated to helping create a new architecture of peace in Canada and internationally, focused on conflict transformation by peaceful means. He is co-founder and Director of the Global Alliance for Ministries and Infrastructures for Peace, acting as it’s chair from 2006 to 20011. He hosted the Global Summit for Ministries and Departments of Peace in Victoria in 2006, and is a former member of the National Board of the Council of Canadians, Canada’s largest civil advocacy organization. (2000-2005)

Saul is also a committed environmentalist, involved with the protection of old growth forest in temperate rain forests, both regionally, nationally and globally. He has worked with and continues to learn from a variety of Aboriginal peoples.

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