Values, Sacred Teachings & Storytelling

I would like to share a book with you that came into our planning discussion when deciding to include a ‘value-based theme’ to the World Children’s Summit on Peace and Nature.  Seven Sacred Teachings Niizhwaaswi gagiikwewin , a children’s book written by David Bouchard and Dr. Joseph Martin.  The story is about values as teachings.  Teachings that are shared, valued and practiced by many indigenous peoples.  I had been given this book a few years before by Dr. Joseph Martin as a gift in response to value-based language lessons I teach.

In a reply to some questions I had, this morning David Bouchard has replied, “the Seven Sacred Teachings make sense for our children. They are common to our society regardless of age or ethnic background. In August, I was invited to China as the Chinese relate to the Teachings. I came home and flew directly to Paris for the Festival des Ameriques. Again, the Teachings were featured, accepted and shared.”

In response to a question about Victoria and relationships to animals in these Seven Sacred Teachings David’s reply,  “there is an animal/bird/colour/direction associated with each of the Teachings. Is there one specific to Victoria? Not really other than accepting Victoria’s geographical position in North America and that is West. Buffalo is seen in the west…teaching/reminding us to be respectful of others – those older than us/younger than us/weaker or different. The colour on the Medicine Wheel is Black as the sun darkens in Western sky.”
It is a pleasure to imagine that the World Children’s Summit will not only have four workshops on Storytelling, Contemplation, Music and Nature, but that it will be a multi-layered experience of integration!
Seven Sacred Teachings:  Authors, David Bouchard & Dr. Joseph Martin, Paintings by Kristy Cameron, Flutes and music by Swampfox


Renee Lindstrom is a *Thought Catalyst, Vice-Chair of World Children’s Summit on Peace & Nature in 2015 and creator of Kids Peace Bus Calendar of Values
*Thought Catalyst – Describes a person who creates an environment or atmosphere where the mind can be challenged and where change can occur. A type of change agent who presents ideas in effort to challenge the way a person thinks.

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