Workshop Leaders


Kathleen Arnason

Kathleen is the author of six published children’s books and she is a Canadian Best Seller.  She received The Queen’s Jubilee Medal for her work in Arts, Culture and Community Development.  Her passion for children’s health , environment , creativity and well been has been the driving force in her devotion to The Fountain of Peace and The World Children’s Summit.

Christine Henry 
Christine Henry of Christine Henry Arts  is a creative explorer and genius at looking through the lens and discovering a meaningful connection. Thank you Christine for becoming part of the team! I know the children will love you!
Check out Christine’s bio and website –
graduation 015smallerCONTEMPLATIVE MOVEMENT
Renee Lindstrom, GCFP
Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner since 2007, Renee coaches movement through Awareness through Movement® Lessons in the Greater Victoria Community, as well as works privately offering Functional Integration® Sessions as a Practitioner. Together with her training in a somatic educational system, Renee has shared Value Based Language Enrichment and Communication Systems in her community beginning in 2004. She is the creative force and founder of a Culture of Value Integration System for Education, Parenting and Families.  She supports the World Children’s Summit by co-designing an opt in program based upon her Calendar of Values System.
Renee’s work began with a focus on personal development for adults whereby she quickly realized the potential for creating a healthy and peaceful planet begins with our youth.   She believes healthy adult manners happen when as a children their is the experience of wanting to contribute in a meaningful way, not because they had to do it.
Read more on her personal development programs at
Culture of Value Educational Systems:
Molly Raher Newman
 Artist, Actress, Musician and Performer ,Molly Malone of Rig-Jig Celtic Street Band . Molly Plays 14 instruments, covering 6 musical genres: ragtime,dixieland,celtic,blues,early music,& bluegrass. She is best known for her percussion-playing abilities, performing as special guest in various bands as well as studio musician in recording projects. Molly’s energy in performance is matched by a sensitivity to her audiences and what it takes to make them enjoy the show. An international musician, she has played both sides of the border. She hosted several local TV interview shows for over five years, and has been on the local scene as a performer and “music facilitator” for 20 years with special events planning a specialty.
Molly played the famous role of “Diamond Tooth Gertie”in Dawson City Yukon, and since that time she has had a certain sparkle in her smile, and became known around Victoria as “Diamond Tooth Molly” of the Tappin’Toes Jazz Band.

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